DIFFUSION is a very powerful, yet gentle, audio tool for stress relief and relaxation. It utilizes a very specific combination of unique tones produced by crystal bowls to relax the mind and create mental clarity. It also diffuses the charge held by unresolved emotions and feelings, and helps to eliminate everyday tension in the body and induce healing at many levels. Diffusion goes deep into stress relief and relaxation.

DIFFUSION audio tool contains tones (not music) on a single track that is approximately 47 minutes long. From start to finish it is designed to calm the mind and emotions and re-balance the whole body.

Click on the icon to listen to a short clip of the recording. Use quality stereo headphones or ear-buds and adjust the volume so it plays very softly. Do not strain to listen to the tones — simply sit back and relax. Breathe gently in and out through your nose in rhythm with the two repeating tones on the clip.

Please Note:

*** Important!  DO NOT convert DIFFUSION to MP3 or other lossy (compressed) formats. Instead, listen to the tones directly from the downloaded file. Conversion to MP3 or other lossy formats eliminates important higher overtones recorded on the track. For the same reason, DO NOT use noise-cancelling headphones or ear buds.


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For me, listening to DIFFUSION was like discovering a refuge from the stresses of balancing career and family commitments. Listening to it for just 45 minutes per day is life changing. I put it on and within 5 minutes I am asleep. I awake in the morning feeling refreshed and I am no longer plagued by difficulties I used to have with grinding my teeth during sleep. If there is a specific issue or emotion that has troubled me during the day, I can set an intent while listening to DIFFUSION to gain clarity on the issue, or to diffuse negative emotions and I miraculously awake the next day with increased clarity and happiness. I recommend DIFFUSION to everyone I meet. It is extremely helpful in dealing with the stresses of everyday living.


I have been running on adrenaline for the past couple of months, and listening to DIFFUSION just once brought me down to my normal body state.


I listened to DIFFUSION last night and fell asleep with it. I feel emotionally better today. I feel like I can face anything, and it still leaves me with a happy feeling within. I also do not feel so lonely…Great sleep. Good focus.


My wife introduced me on my birthday to a recording that she promised would help me get a good night’s sleep. Of course, I was very skeptical. Boy, was I dead wrong. Following the instructions provided, I was not only starting to fall into a deep sleep, but I would wake up every morning feeling 10 if not 20 years younger. Suddenly, there weren’t enough minutes in the day to get all the things done that I had the energy to do. I since have recommended the DIFFUSION to my friends and family. By the way, a good night’s sleep was the best present I could have received.


Sleep VERY DEEPLY and very well. My body is much more relaxed than usual when I awake. WOW!

Release stress and tension in your body and experience deep relaxation

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